“Ro is one of our top performers and has over the years helped PruLifeUk spread the need for protection, savings and investments. She is a trained finance professional and has consistently provided excellent service to her clients”

Antonio De Rosas
President & CEO
Pru Life UK



“I feel safe when Rowena gives her financial advises because she lays cards on the table“

Chit Lijauco
Senior Editor
Philippine Tatler



“Ro is one of our top Financial Consultants. She is a 2-time President’s Club Qualifier, a 5-time Star Club Qualifier and a 4-time MDRT contender. PruLifeUk is very proud of her”

Maximo Joaquin
General Manager & CDO



“Through Rowena , I became more aware of investing for the future. Learned that investing is better than a savings account “

Dr. Rodney Jimenez
Heart Specialist
St. Lukes


“Financial Planning is essential to our children’s future...with the financial programs Rowena offers, we feel secure with our investments and we know that we can count on them to deliver their commitments”

Carmela S. Arota
Sales Director




“Ro keeps reinventing herself as a financial planner, that’s why her success keeps growing, you can bet that she gets better and better every year because she will never settle for status quo “

Belle Tiongco
SVP & Chief Mktg Officer
Pru Life UK





“Ro has taught me that one can take moderate risks in investments because there are various instruments available in the market “

Dr. Tina Alcantara
St. Lukes





“She gave me direction on how to manage my finances wisely “

Dr. Sue Ann Locnen